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Jack's Repair and Sales Over 40 years of Service and Sales!

Jack's Repair and Sales has been serving the Santa Maria and greater surrounding area since 1971. The store carries on the tradition of friendly quality service and sales with its origin way before its 40 year history when the business was founded by Mr. Smitty. Smitty's Repair and Sales had a prior long history of superb quality service and trained Jack Morishima in running the business in 1971 when Mr. Smitty retired.  The store and shop has a working tradition and feel of a small town friendly atmosphere with today's sophisticated technical capabilities and knowledge. We work hard to earn your trust and business but, above all to focus on solving your outdoor power equipment problems and issues for the long term relationship.


Kiyoshi "Jack" Morishima has a remarkable history in the Santa Maria Valley moving here in the late 1950's farming strawberry and other crops. In 1969 Jack decided to quit the over 19 years of farming, which he had done since returning as a US veteran from the Korean war to begin a new career in gardening and landscaping. During the years he met Smitty who he had purchased his lawn equipment from. Smitty liked the young hard working and honest Jack and asked him to purchase his store and shop when he decided to retire knowing that Jack would carry on his fine tradition of outstanding service to the community with his unrelenting honestly.  Jack nervously did so, worrying how he could fill the very huge shoes left by Mr. Smitty.

The new owners Kiyoshi "Jack" Morishima with his wife Matsue Morishima grew the mom and pop business as the Santa Maria area expanded and prospered. In the mid 1970's. Jack Morishima took on a then unknown new outdoor product line called "Honda". Today Honda has a reputation as the leading quality lawn mower and outdoor power equipments both for the home-owner and commercial market. Honda is today one of the professional gardener's top choice in products. Today Jack's Repair and Sales. Inc. specializes in the much sought after high-end commercial Honda products that are not found or carried by large super box stores


In 1980 the shop took on a young mechanic named Rick Lutz who helped further grow the business with his remarkable mechanical skills and individual friendly style. Jack and Rick established a solid sales, service business at Jack's. Furthermore, they together trained and developed an outstanding service/repair's team of mechanics.  With the goal of carrying the best products and providing the best service for outdoor power equipment Jack's grew in reputation. Jack's soon became a dealer for the Shindaiwa and Echo product lines when line trimmers became popular. Jack then expanded the mower line to include larger riding equipment with Hustler and Worldlawn products. In the 1990's Honda expanded into and captured the generator market. Through their innovative features and benefits in superb performance, noise reduction, EPA ratings, durability, compactness and capabilities, Jack's Repair and Sales soon become a central coast leader in Honda generator sales and service in the region. Jack stays ahead of the times with innovation while always keeping customers in mind first.

Jack's Repair and Sales has won many awards and accolade's in both outstanding service and sales from the manufacturer's. 

In 2006 Mr. Lutz passed away after over 25 years at Jack's. Because of the strong foundation established by Mr. Lutz and Mr. Kiyoshi Morishima, Jack's Repair & Sales was able to withstand and continue to succeed and grow even through difficult times. in the  year of 2007 Jack's Repair and Sales earned the prestigious Honda's Pro-Choice Dealer status given only to a few Honda Dealers that have an outstanding service capability for Honda customers.


In 2012 Jack's repair and Sales became incorporated and shortly afterwards Mr. Kiyoshi (Jack)  Morishima past away. The business now under his son, Sam Morishima began to turn the business around bringing it back to its former glory days of high standards of quality and friendly courteous service.  The turnaround was not without its difficult moments and further fine-tuning and changes occurred throughout 2012  and into the first half of 2013.  It was only into the latter half of 2013 the appropriate team was finally assembled and operational processes and systems began to take shape. The store and shop began to morph into a well oiled machinery able to perform faster and better than ever before. Sam is following in his father's foot steps to relentlessly continue to make improvements to the businesses and provide outstanding service. To become once again a leader in outdoor power equipment sales and service so that they can better serve the customers and community.  In 2012 Sam added RedMax, a very powerful high quality outdoor product line along with Vortex power washers to expand the shops product breadth. Jack's Repair and Sales, Inc. is grateful to its loyal customers who stayed and believed in us and all those returning customer who appreciate the rebirth of our friendly outstanding service.


Utmost is the business's goal to follow Kiyoshi "Jack" Morishima's legacy of solving our customer's problem in the most efficient, economical and most proficient manner while providing a small town friendly atmosphere of helping. Sam wants to instill in his new team a pride of caring and producing the highest quality of work as well as knowing they are carrying the most innovative and appropriate products for the homeowner, commercial, and professionals users.

When it comes to outdoor power equipment sales, service and supplies, Jack's Repair & Sales, Inc. is your one stop center.

We believe in the success of our customers. If our customer's are successful then  we will be successful. We have a desire to work and help you with your outdoor power equipment needs.

Today, you can discuss your outdoor power equipment needs and issues with our experienced and resident experts Henry, Eddie and Brad. 

Please drop by and let our friendly staff help you solve your outdoor power equipment issues.

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